Agrasen Jayanti

Shillong Agarwal Samiti

Agrasen Jayanti

Shillong Agarwal Samiti

Agrasen Jayanti

Shillong Agarwal Samiti

Agrasen Jayanti

Shillong Agarwal Samiti

Agrasen Jayanti

Shillong Agarwal Samiti

Agrasen Jayanti

Shillong Agarwal Samiti

Agrasen Jayanti

Shillong Agarwal Samiti

Agresan Jayanti

Shillong Agarwal Samiti

Agrasen Jayanti

Shillong Agarwal Samiti

Agrasen Jayanti

Shillong Agarwal Samiti

Agrasen Jayanti

Shillong Agarwal Samiti


Prominent Agarwal of Shillong

Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar was one of the luminaries of the national resurgence and spiritual renaissance that swept the country in the early part of the 20th century. Shri Poddar was born on 17th September, 1892 at Shillong in a Vaishnava family. He had very little formal schooling, but due to his dedication and self effort he attained mastery over half a dozen languages. Like many of his contemporaries, he began his early life as a revolutionary, determined to overthrow the British and free his motherland Because of his close association with young revolutionaries of Bengal, he was imprisoned and put under house arrest for 21 months, which proved to be turning point in his life. He undertook to edit the spiritual Hindi magazine ‘Kalayan’ in 1927. Starting with a circulation of 1600 copies in 1927, today it has a circulation of more than 300,000 copies. Under the advice of Mahatmaji, ‘Kalyan’ magazine had no columns for book reviews, criticism and commercial advertisements. On account of Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar’s unique spiritual zeal, inspiring leadership and organising capacity, the Hindi magazine ‘Kalyan’ became a force for the propagation and dissemination of Hindu Scriptures and Sanatana Dharma.

Hanuman Prasad Poddar (1892–1971) was an author and freedom fighter of India. Lovingly called as Bhaijee, he was a multifaceted personality. As an editor of the religious magazine ‘Kalyan’, he is known for his untiring efforts to propagate and disseminate Hindu religion across the world. The Government of India issued a postage stamp in his memory in 1992.Hanuman Prasad Poddar was born in Ratangarh in Rajasthan. He dedicated his life to make available great epics like the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Puranas and the Upanishads translated in Hindi to the common people at affordable prices.He started publishing and editing ‘Kalyaan‘ monthly Magazine from 1927 in Hindi with a view to ‘the betterment of life and the well- being of all’ This Magazine is basically dedicated to spirituality and gives wider exposure to the various aspects of Hindu religion. ‘Kalyan’ has published special issues on all Puranas, Upanishads and on many more subjects related to Hindu culture and religion. This magazine still continues to be in publication with approximately 2,50,000 subscribers. He also published and edited ‘Kalyaan – Kalpataru’ in English from 1934 and the book continues to be in  publication.He was also the founder of Gita PressGorakhpur.

He wrote many books on spiritual and value–oriented subjects in Hindi and English. His translation of some Upanishads and Puranas in Hindi and English show his command over both languages. In these translations, he has taken care of the communicability of the language to the common people without causing any compromise with their poetic and philosophical heights and depths.He actively participated in the freedom movement against British rule in India. He was jailed for being in close contact with revolutionaries of Bengal. This proved to be a turning point in his life. After being released from the jail he started publishing and editing ‘Kalyaan’ to reach the spiritual glory and high value oriented heroic deeds of heroes of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata to the each Indian to feel them spiritually free and proud of their achievements in the past as a source of inspiration to fight for the freedom of India. He achieved the God(Dham of Radha-Krishna) by his spiritualness efforts. Mahatma Gandhi praised his work.

Shanakarlal Goenka

 A PHILANTHROPIST involved in social projects across Meghalaya and Assam, Shri Shankar Lall Goenka belongs to the family that donated generously for building the Ganesh Das Hospital.

Born in Shillong in 1935, Shri Shankar Lall Goenka is the youngest son of late Jeevan Ram and Mungi Devi Goenka.

Shri Shankar Lall Goenka was deeply interested in film business Besides distributing Hindi and English films, Shankar Lall Goenka has distributed several Assamese films like Joymati, Basundhara, Ramdhenu, Jaanmoni and Rowd. For his long contribution and service towards film distribution, he was conferred with the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Academy Award in 2009. This award was presented to him by Dev Anand – the lead actor of the first film he distributed (Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai).

Shri Shankarlal Goenka has also been bestowed with ‘National Award’ for the best feature film in Assamese language ‘Ajeyo’ by the President of India on May 3rd 2014.

He has founded the Jeevan Ram Mungi Devi Goenka Public Charitable Trust in memory of his parents. The trust is involved in several socio-economic causes.

Owing to his long association with film business, the trust has since 2007 instituted an annual Life Time Achievement Award for Cultural Excellence presented to a person associated with filmmaking in the Northeast. The trust has also instituted the JMRD Memorial Lecture on cultural history, problems and solutions of creative art forms of the region.

Goenkas : Contributed: Ganeshdas hospital, Umsohsun Community Hall of Dorbar Shnong was once Dharamasala for poor belonged to  Goenkas,  was donated to Dorbar Shnong.

Ratanlal Singhania- Ratanlal Singhania belong to Agarwal Community, was the first person to start football in shillong, his contribution in sports not only in football but also in Cricket he was the president of Shillong Cricket Association for more than decade, up-liftment  of various sports activities in shillong. To his numerous contribution in sports of Meghalaya  a Gallery Stand of the stadium was given his name.

Jagan Nath Bawri:  Prominent congressman and the pioneer of industries in Meghalaya. Late Jagan.Nath.Bawri was a prominent Businessmen of Shillong and was the first person to set up the Industries in  Meghalaya.

Bawri Nethralaya a cheritable Eye Hospital dedicated to the people of Shillong by Late Jaganath Bawri.

Omprakash Agarwala

Born at CHURU (Rajasthan) on 31.12.1942. His father’s name Late Rukmanand Agarwala and mother’s name Late Chanda Devi Agarwala.

Since 1973, he had joined Frontier Chamber of Commerce, G.S. Road, Shillong -793002 as an Ordinary Member and later on was elected as General Secretary and was further elected as a President of Executive Committee. He was appointed as a Chamber’s Representative into State Advisory Body to maintain price line both at State and District Level.

During 1979-1982, he was appointed as a Secretary, Managing Committee to look/manage after the affairs of R.B. Anupchand Hindi Secondary School, Keating Road, Shillong – 793001.

Again during the year 2008-2011, he was appointed as a Secretary, Managing Committee to look/manage after the affairs of R.B. Anupchand Hindi Secondary School, Keating Road, Shillong – 793001.

Again in the year 2011-2014, he was appointed as the President, Managing Committee of R.B. Anupchand Hindi Secondary School, Keating Road, Shillong – 793001 and during this time front portion of new school RCC building was constructed to provide better facilities to the students, teaching staff and parents/guardians etc.

At present, school has achieved 100 % success in Meghalaya Board of School Education Examinations during 2012 and 2013.

He had served Shree Rajasthan Vishram Bhavan, Luckier Road, Shillong – 793002 as a General Secretary during the period from 1985 till February 1999. During that time a new marriage hall and 6 (six) new rooms were constructed for the benefit of peoples.

He had served Shree Shillong Gaushala, Shillong as a President, Executive Committee during the period from 1999 till January 2010.

At present, he is serving Shree Marwari Panchayat, Shillong as a General Secretary, Executive Committee. During last 3 years, numbers of medical camps were organized to help the needy peoples.

He is elected at present as President, Executive Committee, Arya Samaj, G.S. Road, Shillong – 793002 during last 6 years. During his term Arya Samaj Temple was renovated and given a new look.

He has also been elected the President, Managing Committee of Arya Kanya Vidyalaya Secondary School, Laitumkhrah, Shillong – 793003. During his tenure some new rooms were constructed for the benefit of students, teaching staff and guardians. At present, school has secured 100 % success in Meghalaya Board of School Education Exams 2013.

At present, he has been elected as President, Managing Committee of Arya Vidyalaya Secondary School, 62 C.B., Shillong – 793002. Here also school has achieved 100 % success in Meghalaya Board of School Education Exams 2013.

At present, he has been elected as President, Executive Committee of Meghalaya Central Puja Committee, Shillong. During his tenure, a cordial relation has been maintained with all the religious groups.

He has also been appointed as a Vice-President, Executive Committee of Meghalaya Hindu Mission, Shillong. He has been serving the people with full dedication.

He was also elected as a Secretary, Executive Committee, Purvottar Marwari Sammelan, Shillong Branch during the period from 1986-2005. He was also appointed as a Vice-President of Purvottar Marwari Sammelan, Executive Committee, N.E. Region for two terms.

He was also appointed as a Secretary, Executive Committee to manage/look after the affairs of Marwari Hostel since 1995-2011.

At present, Govt. of Meghalaya has appointed him as a Member of Meghalaya Urban Development Authority (MUDA), Shillong and doing his services with full satisfaction to all.

He has also been appointed a Member in the Advisory Committee of Tax Deducted at Source Committee by Income Tax Department.

He has also served as a Member in Telephone Advisory Committee for two terms.

In everyone’s life there come some moments where one can rise above.

Shri Bimal Kumar Bajaj

Shri Bimal Kumar Bajaj is well respected business man from Shillong, with keen    belief and interest in social welfare, community, education and philanthropy. He was born in 27th June 1948 in a business family that moved to SHILLONG in early 1920s and established a profitable business in Iron and Steel. Shri Bimal Kumar Bajaj was educated in R.B Anupchand Hindi Secondary School and later graduated from St.Anthony College Shillong. The Firm Kedarmull Keshardeo started by Shri Bimal Kumar Bajaj’s Grandfather was awarded Beopar Visharad by the then President of India Sarvaplli Radha Krishnan in 1962. Presently the firm is run as M/s Kedarmull Bimal Kumar by his two sons.

Shri Bimal Kumar Bajaj has played an important role in the Commercial, Social and Philanthropic activities in Meghalaya state. He was also the founder member of the Meghalaya Chamber of Commerce and Industry for grocery businessmen along with Shri Rameshwar Prasad Goenka. In the year 2002 when the Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayi and then Home Minister Shri L.K.Advani visited Shillong he honoured them and presented a memorandum from Meghalaya Chamber of Commerce and industry for the welfare of the non-tribal community of Shillong.

Shri Bimal Kumar Bajaj served in the capacity of Vice President of Shillong Marwari Panchayat that organized many Public Service Programmes like Medical Camp in the Cantonment Board and some other areas of Shillong which helped thousands of needy people, along with organizing community get together for the community called the “Milan Samaroh.”  He was also the secretary of Marwari Siksha Kosh for about 6 years in 1980’s and was instrumental in providing all the facilities to 30 students odd from the Siksha Kosh. Shri Bimal Kumar Bajaj as a Joint secretary in Shillong Gaushala from 1999 to 2010, his tenure was remembered for peaceful run and absence of any financial difficulties.
Shri Bimal Kumar Bajaj served as a Ward Commissioner for Ward No II after winning the elections with the highest number of votes. In his tenure he worked tirelessly towards providing clean drinking water, roads and electricity to the people of Ward No-II. The public feedback towards his achievement as a Commissioner was positive.
Shri Bimal Kumar Bajaj led the redevelopment and modernization of Shree Rajasthan Vishram Bhawan Shillong. In his tenure as the President he worked towards getting all the facilities in the Bhawan, as a result of which the managing committee won multiple successful elections.
He has keen interest in Education, promotion of language and literature among youth. He served as the as the Secretary, Managing Committee of   Balika Hindi Vidyalaya, Shillong from 1985 to 2006 and to this day is a Managing Committee Member of the School. During his Tenure, he worked towards achieving 100% result of the school and constructed the much needed building of the school.  He served as president of ARYA SAMAJ SHILLONG and looked after the Mandir and Arya Vidyalaya. He was constantly involved in the Kalyan Ashram and looked after the school of religious beliefs and arranged all the requirements of the needy. He was awarded “Academy samrat” by SURABHI SAHITYA SANSKRITI KHANDWA.

He has been a constant promoter and supporter of martial arts among youth. Coz of his constant support and help to the ASSOCIATION OF TAEKWONDO MARSHALL ART , the association awarded him honorary ‘ black belt’.

In his philanthropic work Shri Bimal Kumar Bajaj through the trust KESHARDEO GINIA DEVI BAJAJ CHARITABLE TRUST has constantly helped organizations and Institutions that help the needy, educate the children and empower the youth. Among many of his donations, he donated a class room in Vidya Bharati Vidyalaya and one class room in R.B Anupchand Hindi Secondary School, one big room with attached bathroom at “Dhandhan” Shakti Mandir in Rajasthan. He played a key role in organizing Hindu Divas through Seva Bharati Meghalaya. He always feels a deep commitment towards helping students, children and people in need.

Dr. Sulochana Bawri

Dr. Sulochana Bawri is the only daughter of Late Daluram Bawri and Srimati Bhawari Bawri.

Dr. Sulochana acquired the Degree M.Phil in political science in 1984. She joined the course on Folkloristics and secured the 1st Class 1st position in it in 1985. She was the 1st Agarwal to be awarded the degree of Dr. of Philosophy (P.H.D) in 1987.

The degrees and a stable job did not deter Dr. Sulochana Bawri from further progress. In 1991 she, as a Director established the Bright Tutorial and Carrier Guided Centre in Shillong to groom students for competitive examinations. In 1993, she became the Principal of Bissau College cum Ladies Residential which is functioning with very good Academic Record in the educational field.

Dr. Sulochana Bawri held the following posts apart from being member of:

  1. Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad
  2. A member of the court of the North Eastern Hill University from 2002 to 2003.
  3. Vice President of the Eastern Region of the Association of Indian College Principals from 2005-2008.
  4. In addition to the Post of the Principal of Bissau College she is also the Joint Secretary of the Central Body of the All India Association of Indian College Principals in Mumbai.

BP Bajoria:

Shri Bhagwati Prasad Bajoria was bon on 24.03.1941 at Shillong. He is the son of Late Kamakhyalall Bajoria and Late Smt. Godavari Devi Bajoria.

It   was in 1956-57 that he had   begun his business career at the Family-owned cloth   shop M/S Bhajanlall Srinivas. His age was only 15 years then.

He founded B. K. Bajoria School, in 1975, and K. L. Bajoria College, founded in 2004, as the

Chairman of K. L. Bajoria Charitable Trust. Besides, he is also the Managing Trustee of Magi

Mani Godhavari Vidya Bajoria Welfare Trust and engaged in other social activities. He is also

engaged in the hectic financial services business.

He received in 2001, from the then Vice President of the Indian Republic, the Small Scale

Entrepreneur Special Recognition Award, instituted  by the Ministry of Small Industries, Govt.

of India.

Positions held before:  

a. President, Meghalaya Small Scale Industries Association.
b. Member, S.S.I. Board, New Delhi & Regional Advisory Committee, S.I.D.B.I. N.E. Region, Guwahati.
c. Member of ZRUCC, N.F. Railway, Maligaon, Guwahati.
d. President Frontier Chamber of Commerce.
e. President Purovattar Pradesh Marwari Sammelan, Shillong Branch.
f. President, Timber Merchant and Saw Millers’ Association, Shillong.

Offices continuing to hold:

a. Chaiman, K. L. Bajoria Charitable Trust.
b. Chairman, B. K. Bajoria School.
c. Chairman, K. L. Bajoria College.
d. Managing Trustee, M.M.G.V. Bajoria Welfare Trust, Shillong.
e. Member, The Gauhati Stock Exchange Ltd. Involved in Financial and Investment-oriented activities for more than 3 decades.
f. President, Meghalaya Hindu Mission, Shillong, previously known as  Assam Hindu Mission, which promotes missionary activities like     running a school and an orphanage.
g. Patron-in-chief, Frontier Chamber of Commerce, Shillong.

Besides these, he is actively connected, too, with numerous Social and Cultural organizations in Shillong.

Hails from a Philanthropic family, based in Shillong, since 1882, responsible for initiating many

a landmark activity / enterprise in the city, like, setting up The  Vidya Bajoria Park at Shillong

Cantonment area in 1976 for the benefit  especially of the children and the Senior citizens. The

Park has undergone a face lift in recent years.

The only independently run C.B.S.E. affiliated School in the city, B. K. Bajoria School caters for Gen Next State of Art Infrastructure and Educomp Smart class and excellent computer learning facilities.

K. L. Bajoria College is eminently futuristic in its emphasis on vocational courses.

Agarwals started residing in Meghalaya (then Assam) since the last 200 years.

Nearly all Industries of the State of Meghalaya belong to Agarwal Community which not only provides Economics growth of the State, but also generates Employment  directly or indirectly to the state of Meghalaya.

Major Hotel Industries belong to Agarwal Community such Hotel Polo Towers, Hotel Alpine Continental, Lake View Inn and the only upcoming 5 star hotel at Shillong.

Goshala at Mawlai which belongs to Agarwal community, 8000 sq/ft of land was donated to Seng Khasi Community of our State.

Balika Hindi Vidyalaya School at Cantonment belonged to Agarwal Community, now it is run and managed by Agarwal and Marwari Community of Shillong.

R.B. AnoopChand Hindi High School is run and managed by Agarwal and Marwari Community of Shillong.

Rajasthan Vishram Bhawan is again run by Agarwal and Marwari Community of Shillong. This Dharamshala serves people from all sections of society for stay and the Bhawan is let out to the Marwari Community of Shillong for various functions.

Creamation Ground at Barapathar is owned and managed by the Agarwal and Marwari Community of Shillong. It serves as the cremation ground for people of various sections of Hindu Community.

 Note : The above article/s is written without any prejudice to any living or dead. Your contribution/rectification with evidence is welcome.